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Erik Hoefnagel


This is the story of Erik Hoefnagel, we are so proud of him!


With a taste for the shipbuilding industry, Erik started his technical traineeship with Bayards in the summer of 2018. First, he had to learn all the ins and outs of the design and construction of structures in aluminium. The best place to do so was our Mechanical Engineering Department where, for the next 6 months, he got intensive training.  


Following his customized traineeship track, our Yacht Building Department warmly welcomed him to work on the biggest, most luxurious yachts in the world. Here, Erik felt great, he was in his element. Would this be the department he would end up in?


They say growth lies at the edge of your comfort zone. After landing neck-deep in project management, Erik learned how to deal with the world, out of the comfort zone of his industry and of his team. He experienced, as a first in his Bayards journey, how every day, sometimes every hour, can be completely different. Being in contact with many people from different cultures, continents and walks of life, was a more challenging equation, which nonetheless he solved.


It has been only been a couple of months since Erik has started his last module of the traineeship at our Sales Department; an international team that is providing the optimal helipad/helideck solutions and configurations for our clients worldwide.


Erik worked on helidecks for offshore support vessels, helipads for hospitals; from Belgium to Guadeloupe and from Germany to the United States.


It may have been here, in the sales calculation department, where it all came together for him. In a diverse but steady team, the introverted but GREAT engineer could do his magic and design and calculate the helipads and helidecks our clients are looking for.


Today, we congratulate Erik on his new position as Cost Proposal Engineer!

Warm welcome to the Bayards Sales Team, Erik!



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