Bayards Aluminum Technical Traineeship (BATT)


The most versatile, international technical traineeship in the Netherlands!




At Bayards, we aluminize the world


Bayards is active worldwide in the field of complex, engineered solutions in aluminum. The organization operates on a global level and is active in various industries, including Oil and Gas, Renewables, Defense, Train Construction, Luxury Yacht Building, Architecture and Health Care Construction.


Do you want to be part of one of the many large projects we work on or participate in the innovation of one of our product lines? Do you want to learn a lot within a short time and take responsibility quickly? Would you like to get to know the organization and develop yourself in two years? Then the Bayards Aluminum Technical Traineeship is for you!



The Bayards Aluminum Technical Traineeship


Our organization is growing and ambitious, smart, creative people with a passion for technology are very welcome. Bayards is always looking for talented young people who want to grow with us.


Now your first real job in an international company can be very overwhelming. At Bayards we understand this like no other. That is why we have created the Technical Traineeship: the ideal starting point after your training and an excellent basis for establishing yourself in the technical world. Of course we will not just throw you in the deep end and we will offer you the right support throughout the traineeship, so that you can get the best out of yourself. Because that is our goal: to offer ambitious talents a platform to excel in their profession. 




The program


The BATT program lasts two years, which is divided into four six-month periods. During these two years you will be deployed in four different departments. Because you are active throughout the organization, you get to know the company well and you can develop yourself in many different areas.


You will work in the Engineering, Production Management, Project Management and Sales departments. Bayards is a true international player, so a module abroad is also an option.




BATT Year 1


Period 1 - Engineering


What are you going to do?

Calculate the big stair towers for Shell's new offshore platform or make a helipad report for a new trauma helicopter platform for a hospital in Sydney, make detailed calculations for one of our many projects in Korea or make workshop drawings for an aluminum bridge in our own country: at Bayards' engineering team you never get bored and there is plenty of variation in the activities. It goes without saying that we take your technical background into account when choosing assignments.


How will you develop?

By working intensively on various engineering projects, you will gain a good insight into the activities of the engineering department and the processes involved. You always have to deal with the impact of other departments on engineering, such as Sales or Project management. Of course you also learn a lot in the field of materials science here.


Your analytical skills and your team spirit are put to the test in this module.




Period 2 - Production management


What are you going to do?

Your period in the production organization will start on the shop floor. For example, you can participate in the construction of the aluminum superstructure of a gigantic luxury yacht or a major assembly job of one of our projects for a few weeks and you will learn everything about the machines we use in our production. This assignment can take place in the Netherlands, but certainly also abroad.


After a few weeks in production, you will work as an assistant production manager for the rest of this period. In this position you are involved in planning production. This includes planning and organizing the maintenance of the machines, but also examining possibilities for improvement with regard to the machine park.


How will you develop?

During this period you will develop strongly in the field of planning and organizing and managing teams . In addition, your ability to solve problems will be addressed and you will strongly develop your practical skills and insight .






BATT Year 2


Period 1 - Project Management


What are you going to do?

Bayards is a real project organization, which means that no two assignments are the same. During this period you will work closely with one of our Senior Project Managers and your days will consist of planning and organizing projects. You will have a lot of contact with our international customers and colleagues and you will be jointly responsible for a timely project consultation. You will also participate in the preparation of new projects, interact with the purchasing department, and your support in keeping a correct (financial) project administration.


How will you develop?

You will learn how to organize and plan projects and how to best involve key stakeholders - customers, suppliers, and internal departments - in your project. Collaboration and communication are therefore very important here.




Period 2 - Sales / Business Development


What are you going to do?

The Bayards sales organization can be divided into two departments that are inextricably linked: the Internal Sales department and the Sales Managers in the field.


In this last module of the traineeship, you will start in the Internal Sales department, where you will participate in making calculations and quotations. You will also go to the customer to present these quotations and ultimately achieve the best possible cooperation.


Our customers are located all over the world. Our highly international sales team is therefore also working day in, day out to maintain and develop new relationships. From one of these regions such as the United States, Singapore, the Middle East or Europe, you will support the Sales Manager for a number of months. You will also be involved in a business development assignment during this entire module.


How will you develop?

In the last six months of the traineeship you will develop in the area of sales, the identification of opportunities, to establish and maintain contact with the customer. Listening to the customer and the market, in general, are very important here. In addition, your creativity and flexibility will be tested. Since you may be abroad in the last period of this module, you will learn a lot about working in a different culture.





Personal and professional development


The training and development program for the Bayards Aluminum Technical Traineeship consists of two elements:


1. Increasing your personal effectiveness as a professional

2. Training on the job by carrying out projects within various parts of the company


Personal development

Within Bayards, the impact of increasing your personal effectiveness is not underestimated. That is why you will receive various training courses during the traineeship that will strengthen your personal skills and personal leadership.


Training on the job

Of course we will pay a lot of attention to the material aluminum during the traineeship. You will therefore follow various material training courses during the entire duration of the traineeship. 



You will be actively supervised by various managers during the four modules. During the entire traineeship, you will always be guided by an (alternating) manager, mentor at board level, and a program manager.



Will you be our new BATT man or BATT woman?


Are you interested in the Bayards Aluminum Technical Traineeship and do you want to know if you are the talented technical creative person we are looking for?

For questions about this program, please contact Amanda Mackintosh, HR Manager, at +31 18 4683000


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